Do you work with hormone problems?
YES!!! This is one of my favorite things to help you with. I have a passion for discovering hormonal imbalances and correcting them, as naturally as possible. Including, not limited to: perimenopause, menopause, PMS, thyroid (many types) and adrenal issues.

Do you take insurance?
Yes. I am contracted with most private insurance companies. YOU MUST check your particular plan for my name

Do you do PAP exams?
Yes. I do PAP & breast exams as well as order mammograms and any necessary imaging exams.

Do you see children?
Not so much anymore! I refer to my team docs for this vital specialty – Dr. Marianna Wright and Dr. Emily Worden. They will take excellent care of your babies – they care for mine!

Do you see male patients?
Yes! And I also specialize in male hormone imbalances. There is such a thing as ‘male menopause’ – or as I call it Andropause. And it is very correctable. Men, just like women, feel ‘like themselves’ when their hormones are back in balance.

Do you test food allergies?
Yes! All day long. I use US BioTek allergy testing primarily. It is quite accurate and clinically significant. The relief from allergies is life altering. Avoiding foods is hard, feeling sick is harder. Food allergies and intolerances cause low grade inflammation that can cause all symptoms from gastrointestinal issues to skin issues to fatigue to even hormonal and mood issues.