I have a general medical practice, and love specializing in menopause, PMS, weight loss, hormones, including thyroid, adrenal, female and male hormones, women’s health, fatigue and gastrointestinal issues.

It is very helpful to be prepared for your first appointment with me, to utilize our time efficiently. In addition to filling out my paperwork, it is often helpful to bring one or more of the following: a bag of all of your medications and supplements, list of symptoms – then number according to your priorities, and anything you have tried that has worked or not worked.

Having suffered through severe hormonal imbalance, I have a passion for caring for your hormonal issues – PMS, menopause, mood, unhealthy periods, sleep, and weight issues – all involve hormones. Together, you and I will uncover your imbalances, and correct them, naturally. If you desire, when you come to your appointment, please bring a list of symptoms – along with the pattern of them, if there is one, and dates of menstrual cycles.

Women’s female health is an important and delicate matter. Most women do not look forward to their annual PAP exam. Do not fret, it does not need to be so cold and awkward. Having tolerated cold speculums, I vowed to make the experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Further, I enjoy helping women care for their delicate areas. Your visit will be as comfortable and pleasant as possible – whether you experience chronic vaginal symptoms, pain, breast tenderness, ovarian cysts, infections, bladder infections, abnormal PAP, other female issues or just need an annual PAP exam. Please schedule to care for yourself today. It is helpful to write down any and all symptoms and treatments you have tried.

Feeling tired? Feeling Sheer Exhaustion? Wake up tired? Can’t sleep even though you are exhausted? Want to exercise, but just can’t make yourself move?? Then I am your doc!! After years of walking as though my body were lead, I am now happy and healthy!!! I was provided that intense experience, so that I really get it when you say you are exhausted. Together, we will work as a team to uncover the causes. It may take some time to unravel the layers – because often, there is more than one cause. Dis-eases that we may consider and investigate: low thyroid function (my favorite), low adrenal function, chronic disease, chronic virus, allergies, intestinal dysfunction, candida, hormone imbalances, sleep issues, low nutrition status – ie low B12, anemia, low vitamin D. and others as indicated. As you can see, there are MANY reasons to be tired, and I am dedicated to helping you find those reasons and correct them.

Tummy ache? Gas? Bloating? IBS? Constipation? Diarrhea? Candida? Nausea? Heartburn? GERD? Cramping? The digestive process is an intricate system of organs, digestive juices, and normal bacteria. We can test your digestion, food allergies, if you have good bacteria, overgrowth of bad bacteria, candida/yeast. We will work to discover which tests may be indicated or what to try clinically to find and treat causes of your symptoms. A diet diary of what you have recently eaten, correlated with symptoms, can be very helpful for your first appointment. Please also bring with you all of your supplements and medications.