“Coming to see Dr. Sharpe has been one of the best decisions I have made in a long while. When I found out I had low thyroid, I decided to seek naturopathic care. I researched and found that Dr. Sharpe specialized in thyroid issues. Through our visits, her commitment to healing, and my participation in my own health, I feel so much better. Dr. Sharpe is great to work with. She makes what can be complex information digestible. She is full of great resources and knowledge. What a difference it is to see Dr. Sharpe and get to the root of my symptoms and heal from the core! I am very grateful I came to see the Natural Health Clinic and to Dr. Sharpe. I recommend her to everyone I know! One more note: coming to this office always feels good and welcoming thanks to a great front staff.”
~ K. Weinkle, Bellingham, WA


“For many years, I was very sick and could not figure out the reason why. I visited several doctors and the like and none-of-them were able to help me. They made excuses or told me that I was making it all up. I was at my wit’s end until a friend suggested I visit a naturopath, it was then that I met Dr. Emily Sharpe. When I walked into her office, the first thing she said was that it must be allergies, and she was right. Within a few short months I have made a complete 180 and been the healthiest I’ve been in years. I would suggest that anyone having health problems visit Emily and see what she can do for them! Thank you so much Emily, you changed my life.”
~ R. Campbell, Bellingham, WA


“Dr. Sharpe is a highly skilled, dedicated and conscientious physician.  I feel very comfortable referring my patients to her.”
~ Rebecca Maya Parker, ND, Root of Healing, Bellingham, WA