“Coming to see Dr. Sharpe has been one of the best decisions I have made in a long while. When I found out I had low thyroid, I decided to seek naturopathic care. I researched and found that Dr. Sharpe specialized in thyroid issues. Through our visits, her commitment to healing, and my participation in my own health, I feel so much better. Dr. Sharpe is great to work with. She makes what can be complex information digestible. She is full of great resources and knowledge. What a difference it is to see Dr. Sharpe and get to the root of my symptoms and heal from the core! I am very grateful I came to see the Natural Health Clinic and to Dr. Sharpe. I recommend her to everyone I know! One more note: coming to this office always feels good and welcoming thanks to a great front staff.”
~ K. Weinkle, Bellingham, WA


“For many years, I was very sick and could not figure out the reason why. I visited several doctors and the like and none-of-them were able to help me. They made excuses or told me that I was making it all up. I was at my wit’s end until a friend suggested I visit a naturopath, it was then that I met Dr. Emily Sharpe. When I walked into her office, the first thing she said was that it must be allergies, and she was right. Within a few short months I have made a complete 180 and been the healthiest I’ve been in years. I would suggest that anyone having health problems visit Emily and see what she can do for them! Thank you so much Emily, you changed my life.”
~ R. Campbell, Bellingham, WA


“Dr. Sharpe is a highly skilled, dedicated and conscientious physician.  I feel very comfortable referring my patients to her.”
~ Rebecca Maya Parker, ND, Root of Healing, Bellingham, WA


“Emily, I wanted to write this to you to thank you for the care and kindness you have given me over the last 6 months. As a new patient to not only to your practice but also to the approach of Naturopathic care itself I can tell you with fresh eye that the results are wonderful and I feel great. I have lost 30 lbs, I have more energy, I am more relaxed and comfortable and have a new take on caring for myself. The knowledge I have gained from you in the last months on how things all work together has for ever changed my thinking for the better. Again thank you for everything and I look forward to working with you for a long time coming. Take care and all the best.”

~ S. Lewis, Bellingham, WA


“I have been seeing Dr. Emily Sharpe for the last 15 months. She has really helped me improve my health. I’m now sleeping better, have more energy, my brain fog is improved, and some of my chronic health issues have subsided. I highly recommend Dr. Sharpe!”

~ L. Kovalenko, Bellingham, WA

“After many years of suffering and being let down by other practitioners, I am thankful to find Dr Sharpe. She was able to help identify the root cause of many of my and my kids’ illnesses…food allergies. She listened and she heard me. After so many years of being disregarded and even spoken over by other practitioners when trying to explain my concerns, to be heard is everything! She offered solutions based on the root cause, instead of just putting another “bandaid” on the issue. I feel a mutual respect between us, which is also a very nice change from my previous experiences. 

Dr Sharpe was also able to straighten out my hormonal imbalance that was poorly handled by a previous naturopath. She has my chronic pain under control as well! I was left a medical mess and then abandoned by a previous ND, which lead to a traumatic hospitalization. Dr Sharpe had her work cut out for her and she jumped right in to help, while offering me words of empathy at a time when I needed it most. I am so thankful to Dr Sharpe for her empathy and for her skills. I am on my way back to good health and it’s absolutely because of her skill and knowledge base. No, all naturopaths are definitely not equal and I would highly recommend Dr Sharpe based on my personal experience under her care.” 

~ K. Conner Mount Vernon WA